Add Buffer Time between the Appointments and Meetings in MS Outlook

In this blog, we will discuss the new feature in MS Outlook 2016 with an Office 365 subscription which permits you to add the Buffer time between the appointments and Meetings without any hassle and we will also discuss the importance of this feature and how can we use this option in MS Outlook.

What is Buffer Time?

This feature provides you an additional time to gear up for client meetings and appointments and to avoid the state of Mismanagement or chaos. You just required to set the buffer time before appointments/meetings start and after the end of the appointments/meetings, or both to give you and your team the appropriate time to deliver excellent service to your clients.

Importance of Buffer Time in Today’s Scenario

  • As we know, some of our meetings may require appropriate time before or after you meet with your client to set up, clean up or check the room projectors and other stuff and sometimes you have to discuss the business strategies with your team which might require a couple of minutes.
  • This will also be helpful in the situation when you’re on the way between the client meetings and you must require some time to ensure you and your team can get to the one location to another location without making the client wait as it might leave a bad impression on the clients.
  • Nevertheless, this time is crucial for you and your team to be able to run your business securely, systematically and effectively.
  • As much as possible, we must schedule few extra minutes on either side of every meeting, so that you have ample amount of time to wrap up from the present meeting and then get ready for the next meeting. This will also help you to get over from the situation of “running” from meeting to meeting.

 How can you use Buffer Time between the appointments and Meetings?

  1. First, you need to click on the File-Options in MS Outlook.

  2. Then you have to click on the Calender on the left.

  3.  After clicking on Calendar, you have to select  End Appointments and Meetings Early under calendar options.

4.  Then you have to change the time for meeting less than one hour and meeting for over one hour.

5.  After changing the times, You just need to click on OK.

   You’re good to go now.

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