Easy Methods to take Yahoo Mail Backup to Hard Drive

In this blog, we will tell you all the possible solutions to take Yahoo mail backup to hard drive. Follow until the end.

Yahoo is the third largest webmail server in the world. But in December 2016, it announced that more than one billion accounts were hacked. Also, Yahoo has suffered from many several breaches and security hacks in which emails’ data got lost or theft. In such a case it becomes necessary to export yahoo emails to the computer to create a backup.

Now, before moving towards the solutions we enlisted some benefits of sending emails to the local system.

Benefits of Backing up Yahoo Emails to hard drive

Well, there are many benefits of saving Yahoo email to the hard drive. As we all know data is very important to the user and one cannot afford to lose it. Following are some of the benefits:

  1. User can preserve the data with the help of backup and can access them in the future. Sometimes, there are a number of emails that are important but you are unable to view them. So, you need to save such emails.
  2. It is possible that your account can get hacked and you can lose your entire emails at the same time. Then, you cannot restore the data back to your account. But if you have your emails as a backup on your hard drive then you can access them easily.
  3. It’s better to save the Yahoo email folder to hard drive before any kind of virus intrusion corrupts your data. It makes you unable to access your Yahoo account.
  4. Backing up emails on the hard drive keeps the data safe and provides accessibility to the user anytime and anywhere.

Manual Method to take Yahoo Mail Backup to Hard Drive

There are a number of approaches that can help you in exporting all the emails from Yahoo account to local disk. You can get the basic idea of the methods to try in order to back up the emails. You can download emails from Yahoo to your local drive in the following ways:

  1. Copy your emails and paste it into Word and save the email messages.
  2. You can also save a single email message at a time from Yahoo mail to a local drive.
  3. User can access their Yahoo emails to any other email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird with the help of POP/IMAP settings.
  4. User can forward emails to their another account with the different email addresses.
  5. Use the Archive to save Yahoo emails on the local disk.

Limitations of Manual Approaches

  • If there are multiple emails, it becomes difficult to backup one by one. It will take time to backup yahoo emails to hard drive.
  • In case of forwarding emails to another account, you need to deal with both the accounts at the same time.
  • There is a chance of data loss in case of sync Yahoo mail to another email client like Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • If you download Yahoo emails to Hard disk in word file format, you will not be able to save attachments and other files along with emails. So there is a chance to lose the attachments.

Professional Approach to take the Backup of Yahoo Emails 

To overcome the limitations of the manual approaches, you can use Yahoo Backup Tool. It is a professional tool that is designed to download Yahoo Emails with attachments into the PC without missing a single item. One can easily save Yahoo Emails to the hard drive and this tool would also be beneficial to you for backing up the email.

It is really fast and in just a few clicks you will be able to save thousands of Yahoo Emails into PC.


There is no doubt that it is not easy for the users to backup emails from Yahoo mail backup to hard drive manually. To solve the same scenario, we have discussed the automatic and professional utility to save Yahoo mail backup to local storage. The Yahoo Backup tool has a number of advanced features making the process to backup Yahoo emails to local storage easily.

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