How to Import Contacts from Excel into Outlook?

In this blog, we will discuss how to Import Contacts from Excel into Outlook. Luckily, it is not too difficult to get your Contacts into You just have to follow three easy steps in order to get your contacts imported.

What is Microsoft Excel Used For?

As we know, Excel is a reliable platform to store your contact information. It allows you to process your data in several ways: merge different files with emails, delete duplicates files, update fields in all items concurrently, merge different contacts into one, benefit from using formulas and sorting options. After your data is sorted the way you want, you can easily import contacts from excel into outlook. 

 In order to import an Excel file that has contact information into MS Outlook, there are three major steps:   

1. Prepare your Excel contact data and save your Excel workbook as a .csv file.

2. Import your contact details into Outlook.

3.Match Excel columns to the appropriate Outlook fields.

Step 1: Prepare your Excel contact data and save your Excel workbook as a .csv file

1. In your workbook, open the worksheet with the contact details you want to import to MS Outlook.

2. Now click File and select the Save As option.

3. Select where you want to save your file.  

4. In the Save as dialog box, select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) and press Save.

5. Now Click OK.    

6. Now click Yes to save the current worksheet as a CSV file. 

6. Close your new CSV file.

Step 2. Import Contacts from Excel into Outlook

1. Open the Outlook.

2. Now click File in the top left.

3. Click Open & Export and select the option Import/Export.

4. Select Import from another program or file and then press Next.

5. Select Comma Separated Values and Next.

6. Now browse the saved excel file.

7. Radio buttons under Options allow you whether to not import duplicates, replace existing contacts or create duplicated items.

8. Now press the Next button and pick the destination folder for your contacts. Contacts will be picked by default. In case it’s not, scroll up or down to find it. Else one can select a different folder, or form a new one.

9. Press Next.

10. Ensure that checkbox next to Import “Your File Name.csv” is marked.

11. Refrain pressing the finish button as you’ll be required to “map” some of the columns in your CSV file to the appropriate outlook fields.

Step 3: Match Excel columns to the appropriate Outlook fields

The fields Name, First Name, and Last Name are standard Outlook fields. If your field in Excel was called First you need to map it to the Outlook field. You can find a suitable match by scrolling from the left to the right.

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